Need To Know“§”

On this blog, every month, I will change the theme and the title of this blog. Some of my articles might be on    I promise my readers, there will be no personal stuff on this blog. If there is, please tell me and i will make sure that it is off the blog. I prefer feedbacks, and comments on my blog, so I can learn my mistakes in my articles. The main reason that I write on here, is because I am learning to write better on my work. Please, if you are interested to write on my blog, tell me! You will be very welcomed to write on here and just to let you guys know, i DON’T write journals, not even on diaries.


Holiday Request 2 “§”

Sorry! I left you guys alone out here, so I just want to give you a heads up. I am gonna leave this blog for some days, so, don’t expect me to write anything on here in this week or the next! Have A nice week! 🙂

Yeah! I’m Back! “§”

Let me tell you guys some good news…

Yeah! You’ve got it! I came back! But the most of the time I will be writing on as a contributor. If you are a big fan of me, PLEASE view that page , I wrote a BEAUTIFUL story!

Holiday Request 1 “§”

These day’s, I’m super super busy, so I will only write ABOUT 200 words, sorry. Bye! Have a nice day!